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How much does publishing a book cost?

In response to several authors who have established contact with our publishing house, we must explain that the authors do not have to pay anything for their work, (unlike editorial services which are based on self-publishing).

We assume all the costs of the digital edition: layout, cover and inside front cover design, advertising through social networks, ISBN and legal deposit management, maintenance of the work in our on-line shop, etc.

What kind of works do you publish?

We are a publishing house specialized in digital publications about Cultural Heritage. With this purpose, we have created five collections according to the kind of research work (monographs, thesis, minutes, manualis and status of the issue) and we have reserved a collection (Miscellaneous) destined to fictional works and graphic novels, on condition that they are included in the historical novel genre or they have a subject related to the Cultural Heritage as their storyline.

Can you publish the works of our cultural association?

We can create specific collections for monographic series and magazines of cultural associations whose investigations focus on the Cultural Heritage.

Do you publish on paper?

We have opted for the interactive digital version. Although we have the option of paper printing on request of short editions, we do not assume either the costs derived from it or the distribution. Now, remember that paper is not interactive.

In which language can I write my book?

We accept any official language from Spain, as well as works in English, French, Italian and Portuguese, although we do not assume the costs of translation or style correction.

In which formats do you publish?

Regarding the format, scientific works are published in interactive pdf, whereas other kind of works as novels will be published in epub format, although we may use other formats which can appear in the future.

Are the works protected against piracy?

We don’t use DRM because it raises the price of the book and it has no efficacy at all against piracy (there are hundreds of specialized sites of free downloads of literary works in digital format and instructions on how to avoid current DRM protections systems in the market, so we have decided not to use it yet).

Can anyone publish their work?

As a publishing house we reserve the right of deciding if we publish a work or not. We ask the applicants to establish contact with the publishing house through our website and then to send us their works. The selection criteria to edit a book is based on their scientific quality (in the case of research work about Cultural Heritage), whereas in the rest of works, literary quality is demanded (internal and external evaluation) and, of course, we demand that the ideas do not infringe the fundamental rights.

What rights does the author have?

After accepting the work, we sign a contract with the author or authors (in the case of collective works). e-DitARX uses a model contract of digital edition resulting from the agreement between the Gremi d’Editors de Catalunya (GEC), the Asociación Colegial de Escritores de Cataluña (ACEC) and the Asociació d’Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC). In this model of contract it is specified that the promotion of digital editions is a different model from the conventional edition in paper, as it is foreseen in the Intellectual Property Law. Therefore, the author would cede the rights of digital reproduction and public communication exclusively to e-DitARX, but he will be able to manage independently the contracts of paper editions.

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